SYISell Your Item
SYISeijiro Yazawa Iwai (Toshiba distributor)
SYISummer Youth Institute (various organizations)
SYIShanxi Yuansheng Industrial Co. Ltd. (China)
SYISystemic Yeast Infection (canine disease)
SYIShare Your Ignorance
SYIstealing your info
SYISustainable Yield Index (agriculture; India)
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The SYI helps establish the minimum guaranteed yield that can be obtained compared to the maximum observed yield.
SYI, sustainable yield index; CPI, carbon pool index; SQI, soil quality index Rice yield SYI CPI SYI 0.
SYI Fund's income directly benefit Canadian athletes, also a COA objective.
Warren, to work at its factory; previously, they had worked for SYI in the molding of hulls and decks.
An SYI business plan dated April 2003, described the underlying concept of the craft and included this phrase: "all yachts produced by [SYI] are protected by T[r]ademark and copyright laws of the state of Western Australia, and the Commonwealth of Australia.
The engineering team made the needed adjustments to the manual mixer and delivered the design instructions to SYI.
Our well-received expansion in Brazil last year further solidified the Middle America and South American regions as potential growth markets, and for that reason we appointed SYI Aviation as our HondaJet dealer.
SYI was founded in 1928 in Caracas, Venezuela, and established operations in Panama in 1928.
KRA, SYI, CMW, BTPD, BDCR, MUGR stations in ADEN/DKJ and NKD, MABD stations in ADEN/S/KZJ sub.
As a check of how well the MDS represented the management system goals, and to identify the key indicators, multiple regressions were performed using the indicators retained in the MDS as independent variables and the endpoint measures such as mean yields of sorghum and mung bean, SYIs of sorghum and mung bean, and SOC as dependent variables (Table 4).