SYLFSveriges Yngre Läkares Förening (Swedish: Sweden's Young Physician Association)
SYLFSupport Your Local Feminist
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SYLF made the call in Lagos at a press conference, expressing concerns about the desperate moves by some politically exposed persons, to sponsor a new phase of terrorism, both within the country and through the nation's territories with other countries.
paet hi astodon and on his fordside heora sealmas sungon; Hwaet da faerlice da da he sylf mid pam aeldeodigum preostum sang.
pa awrat se haelend him sylf bis gewrit and asende dam cynincge dus cwaedende him to: Beatus es qui credidisti in me cure ipse me non uideris.
Gesweotula nu purh searocreft pin sylfes weorc, Sodfest, sigorbeorth, ond sona forlet Weall wid wealle.
Greenfield, "Min, Sylf, and 'Dramatic Voices in The Wanderer and The Seafarer,' " JEGP 68 (1969): 212-20; pp.
SYLF communicated these decisions on Wednesday in a communique issued at the end of a Summit it organised in Lagos and attended by representatives from across the zone.
Min dohtor is nu swide bisy ymbe hyre leornunga, ac pe laes pe ic eow a leng slaece, awritad eowre naman on gewrite and hire morgengife; ponne asaende ic pa gewrita minre dohtor paet heo sylf geceose hwilcne eowerne heo wille.
Ne mihte se deao him genealcecan, gif he sylf nolde
(27) Another translation of this letter, perhaps to preserve the divine dignity, allowed for an angelic amanuensis, but insisted that the Holy Trinity dictated: "and that letter was not written by any earthly man, but by God's own angel, as the Holy Trinity itself composed it" ["and paet gewrit na awrat nan eor[eth]lic man, ac godes agen aengel, swa swa seo haligen prynnys hit sylf gedihte"].
References to Eve's new power of vision occur twice, once in line 657b as Eve tells Adam that she sees the Tempter as a messenger of God ("ic on his gearwan geseo paet he is aerendsecg uncres hearran, heofoncyninges" ["I see by his clothing that he is a messenger of our Lord, of the King of Heaven"]), and again in line 666b, where she relates to Adam the vision of God that appears before her ("ic maeg heonon geseon hwaer he sylf sited" ["I can see from here where he himself sits"]).
se cyning is Cristes sylfes speligend ofer ??am Cristenan folce pe Crist sylf alysde, him to hyrde gehalgod, paet he hi heladan sceole, mid paes folces fultume, wi??
Elements of verbal or morphemic repetition in each half enhance the sense of unity of each of the rings as a whole: abolgen wyrd 552 and 558 in the outer ring, bodscipe 552 and boda beodan 558, selfa 553 and sylf 556 in the inner.