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According to the company, Sylk has proven its safety and effectiveness as a personal lubricant and is now cleared as a medical device to market and sell to the masses in the United States.
"The use of superior, aged whiskies gives Sylk Cream Liqueur a distinctive, pleasurable 'bite,'" said Monica Garaitonandia, Drambuie senior marketing manager.
At 34 proof, Sylk is available in a 750 ml bottle with a suggested retail price of $21.99.
It seems Billie's instincts were right when Walker records her voice so that statuesque but tone-deaf lead singer Sylk (Padma Lakshmi) need only lip-synch, but a chance encounter with equally hot DJ Julian Dice (Max Beesley) proves Billie's big break.
Spreadsheet formats include SYLK (SYmbolic LinK), DIF (Data Interchange Format, used by Lotus 1-2-3), and BIFF (Binary Interchange File Format, used by Excel).
The account balances can be exported as SYLK files, which can then be opened directly by most popular spreadsheets.
Choose a product that's unperfumed and PH-balanced, such as Sylk (PS9.99 on Amazon).
Look for a product that's unperfumed and PH balanced, in the pharmacy or online, such as Sylk (from PS9.99 on amazon) or Regelle (from PS8.95, from amazon).
Sylk, who resigned over the issue, contended that "the idea was mishandled and misrepresented.
A songwriter and producer, Bobby also has launched Triple B Records in Atlanta and is hoping for success with its first release, the debut from Smooth Sylk.
In addition to reading dBase files, FoxPro can read SYLK, DIF, XLS, MOD, WRK, WR1, WKS, WK1, WK3, PDOX, RPD, and FW2 files.