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SYLVERSysteme de Lancement Vertical (French: Vertical Launch System)
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During the event, Sterling Sylver will take to the stage, entertain the crowd and fill the streets with an intoxicating fusion of thigh-slapping', pulse-raising country and Southern rock, as well as classic country covers that will encourage participants to run/walk just that little bit further.
The first would be to replace the existing vertical launcher with the longer SYLVER 70 launcher, which is suitable for carrying the naval variant of the SCALP cruise missile; the other would add a Mark 41 vertical launcher abaft the SYLVER 50 for the Tomahawk cruise missile.
The judges of the Special Panel were Luca Ferrero (Presiding Judge, Italy), Maria Natercia Gusmao Pereira (Judge Rapporteur, East Timor) and Sylver Ntukamazina (Burundi).
An interesting tool developed by Adriano Galvao, a vice president at Sylver Consulting in Chicago, in his book Design Relationships: Integrating User Information Into Product Development is the Function Task Interaction Matrix, which attempts to identify affordances as the intersection of product functionality and user tasks.
Spectacles and Sylver Ys: a synthesis of the systematics, cladistics and biology of the Plusiinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).
The feast includes, naturally, minstrels, who are generously rewarded with "Hors and robys and rych thyngys, / Gold and sylver and other thyngys, / To mend with ther mode (24.
La clasificacion, que actualmente esta definida por Premier Partner, Select Partner, el proximo ano cambiara para dar paso a las designaciones por industria y nuevas categorias como Sylver, Bronce, Platinum y Gold.
quoting Sylver Ntukamazina, Judge, Dill Special Panels); see also id.
Chestre, however, makes Guinevere the one who distributes the "gold & sylver & precious stonys" (l.
The Horizon/Orizonte will carry 48 DCN Sylver A50 vertical-launch cells for either Aster 15 or Aster 30 missiles.
Judge Sylver Ntukamazina ruled that witness lists and summaries of their expected testimonies must be provided by the prosecution and defense within seven days.
to see the honour of his countrey thus partely recovered; sylver to come in