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SYMSimply Youth Ministry
SYMShut Your Mouth
SYMSymbol File
SYMSuper Yang-Mills Theory (physics)
SYMSend Your Message (logging abbreviation)
SYMSave Your Money
SYMSociety of Young Magicians (branch of the Society of American Magicians)
SYMSanyang Motors (Taiwan)
SYMSymmetric Power (mathematics; linear algebra)
SYMSalesian Youth Movement
SYMSingle Young Male
SYMSo You Mad (Bow Wow song)
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converges weakly to a limit u in [H.sup.2.sub.0]([OMEGA]), while the sequence ([M.sup.n] [nabla] [nabla] [u.sub.n]) converges to M[nabla][nabla]u weakly in the space [L.sup.2]([OMEGA]; Sym).
Mae'n gyfnod prysurach nac arfer felly i gadeirydd SYM Mon, Audrey Jones.
The BHM-20's initial design included three subscales (WB, SYM, and LF) corresponding to the phase model of psychotherapy, and a second-order global scale indicating overall mental health well-being and functioning.
Any mine manager or supervisor can access data on their smartphone, tablet or computer through an online Sym View portal.
Nevertheless, this methodology disrupts the load balancing design of Teredo and it also imposes heavy loading over the Teredo server, after which Sym Teredo was suggested for only one NAT in [13].
Then there's the Sym Mii 110, a utilitarian commuter style scooter powered by a 110cc four-stroke, two-valve engine with feel injection and front brake disc, rear drum.
Although other major internal combustion engine (ICE) PTW makers such as KYMCO, SYM and Yamaha (Taiwan) also marketed their own products in 2011, their sales volumes have not caught up with those of CMC.
NORTHUMBERLAND: M Webb (Bedlingtonshire), AJ Minnikin (Gosforth), J Hermeston (City of Newcastle), J Storey (Alnmouth), L Mathewson (Gosforth), P Sym (Ponteland), S Heads (Hexham), P Caldicott (Northumberland), D Smith (Northumberland), B Lee (Stocksfield), L Dawson (Newbiggin), M Coup (Hexham).
3a: IR (KBr) v/[cm.sup.-1] 1640 (C = O), 1260 (asym C-O-C), 1040 (sym C-O-C).
The UN experts met a delegation from the Southern Yemen Movement (SYM),
Senegal-based SYM International Finance Corporation, in partnership with the government of Senegal, yesterday took part in a forum at Gulf Hotel as part of its efforts to assist the Senegal government to promote the Senegal Financial Services Centre and attract more private investments.