SYMAPSyndicat de La Machine-Outil, du Soudage, de l'Assemblage et de La Productique Associée (French: Union of Machine-Tool, Welding, Assembly and Associated Production)
SYMAPSynographic Mapping System
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Shepard, "Computer mapping: the SYMAP interpolation algorithm," in Spatial Statistics and Models, vol.
Since 2000 Bugaud had been general manager, too, of predecessor SYMAP, (Syndicat de la Machine-Outil, du Soudage, de l'Assemblage et de la Productique Associee).
But in the end, France's SYMAP organization, joined with Germany's VDW and Italy's UCIMU in recommending the new schedule.
SYMAP - FRENCH MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIATION, Maison de la Mecanique - 45, rue Louis Blanc - F92038 Paris - la Defense cedex.
That the automotive industry in particular is difficult to predict was underlined by the presentation on "Product Innovation by End-Users." It's based on interviews and research in the automotive and aerospace industries by IWB Munich (Institut fur Werkzeugmaschinen and Betriebswissenschaften), by SYMAP (French Machine Tool Association, Paris), by UCIMU-Sistemi per Produrre (Italian Machine Tool Association, Milan), and by this reporter, based in Cambridge, U.K.
In Paris, Patrick Farman was re-elected to a two-year term as chairman of SYMAP, the French association for the machine-tool and automation industries.