SYMAPSyndicat de La Machine-Outil, du Soudage, de l'Assemblage et de La Productique Associée (French: Union of Machine-Tool, Welding, Assembly and Associated Production)
SYMAPSynographic Mapping System
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Since 2000 Bugaud had been general manager, too, of predecessor SYMAP, (Syndicat de la Machine-Outil, du Soudage, de l'Assemblage et de la Productique Associee).
But in the end, France's SYMAP organization, joined with Germany's VDW and Italy's UCIMU in recommending the new schedule.
SYMAP - FRENCH MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES ASSOCIATION, Maison de la Mecanique - 45, rue Louis Blanc - F92038 Paris - la Defense cedex.
It's based on interviews and research in the automotive and aerospace industries by IWB Munich (Institut fur Werkzeugmaschinen and Betriebswissenschaften), by SYMAP (French Machine Tool Association, Paris), by UCIMU-Sistemi per Produrre (Italian Machine Tool Association, Milan), and by this reporter, based in Cambridge, U.
In Paris, Patrick Farman was re-elected to a two-year term as chairman of SYMAP, the French association for the machine-tool and automation industries.