SYMBIOSymposium on Computational Biology
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the predominant practice of deep well disposal," said Symbios president and CEO, Justin Bzdek.
Lee Crowe, Symmetry's Senior Vice president of Global Distribution says, "The Symbios pain management system is a great addition to our product offering.
The Symbios flagship product is the GOPump[TM] Rapid Recovery System, which infuses local anesthetic to the surgical site for several days postoperatively, providing continuous pain relief to patients without the side effects of systemic narcotics.
Symbios pain pumps are easy to use, latex-free, and do not require any programming or batteries to operate.
Symbios Medical Products is committed to the development and marketing of technologically advanced products to advance the state-of-the-art in pain management.
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in raising capital by allowing them to gain insight into the current thoughts of angel investors, venture capital and private equity firms," states Symbios Clinical CEO Ryan Wilson.
Symbios Clinical is a privately held, Minnesota-based, contract research organization, specializing in the conduct of clinical trials for the medical device industry.