SYMMSynchronized Multimedia (W3C Working Group)
SYMMSouth Yorkshire Mass Murderer (song)
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Symm, "An integral equation method in conformal mapping," Numerische Mathematik, vol.
"At one point, they even cross-examined me about a song by the Manic Street Preachers called SYMM (South Yorkshire Mass Murderers), handing me a copy of the lyrics..
We then had to edit it and get it up on the web with Synchronized Multimedia (SYMM) technology.
Robert Young, 58, was discovered close to death after worried friend John Symm raised the alarm and police broke in.
The SYMM Working Group also produced Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 2.0, which was endorsed as a W3C Recommendation in August 2001.
Symm 8000 customers get the benefit of new technology while preserving their existing investment."
Once the threshold is properly estimated, we test for symm etric versus asymmetric adjustment (i.e., we test the null hypothesis [[rho].sub.1] = [[rho].sub.2]) using the usual F-statistic.
In the following sections, we describe the blocked implementation of the real and double-precision Level 3 BLAS: GEMM, SYMM, TRSM, TRMM, SYRK, SYR2K (all these names are prefixed by S or D depending on whether the routine is single or double precision).
SMIL was developed by the W3C Synchronized Multimedia (SYMM) Working Group, a mix of experts from the four divergent industries (CD-ROM), interactive television, Web, and audio/video streaming) interested in bringing synchronized multimedia to the Web.
Symm FL are bilateral conditions that are found in the left and right limbs of a given individual.