SYNEXSynthetic Exercise
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Synex attributes the increased loss to the addition of Barr Creek operations and lower output of the Mears and Cypress HPPs due to dry weather conditions in August and September.
(17) did not find a significant difference between the biomechanics of three different expandable cages, the Synex, VBR, and X-tenz (DePuy AcroMed, Sulzbach, Germany) when compared to the titanium mesh cage in an in vitro study.
SYNEX (1997), Determinacion de tarifas a nivel generacion, transmision y distribucion en Guatemala, Informe de consultoria, Guatemala.
International Inc., through its subsidiary Synex Energy
Entre los fabricantes y mayoristas que menciono Wilson que acudiran se encuentran: Ingram, Synex, Cisco, Master Choice, Epson, Xerox, entre otros, que suman alrededor de 20, asi como entidades gubernamentales como la Secretaria del Trabajo.
The telecoms service is run by Birmingham-based Synex Network Services, which Mentmore acquired in January.
The more computer-savvy accountants often turn to add-on programs, such as Synex's F9, to dig deeper into a business's financials.
Extek screen changers (supplied by the new firm of Synex Inc., Danvers, Mass.) filter the melt from the extruders.
The water rights is being purchased from Sigma Engineering, a subsidiary of Synex International.
Synex, which is based at Croydon, is opening a call centre, together with sales, service and support operations, in Broad Street.
Behbehani Porsche 46-1 in 5 overs (Ateeq 14, Jayanth 1-10) bt Synex 45 (Jayanth 12, Sameer Abbas 5-8, Ateeq 3-10) by 9 wickets.