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SYNSSee You Next Summer
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"And members following the Extra Easy SP plan (a plan designed to further boost their weight loss) will be advised to enjoy a maximum of 10 Syns per day.
For years, Muller Light yogurts have been syn free - and a firm favourite for members to snack on to keep their weight gains at bay.
Beth Kander; ORIGINAL SYN; Owl House Books (Fiction: Science Fiction) 18.95 ISBN: 9781947003996
We've given this all-American classic a healthy makeover to save stacks of Syns.
"Syns provide the control, and these are foods that would most certainly jeopardise your weight loss if you didn't control them.
Here's what they said "The amazing recipes, lots of Free Foods and most of all the fabulous Consultant I have and supportive Slimming World friends" Julie Andrew@ajulie147 "Slimming World chips!!" Alison Haines@Bal1972 "I couldn't be without my group they are such lovely people and of course my Consultant Tiff!" Teenie@t33n1emumof2 "I couldn't live without my fantastic group and the hour of my time to focus on what I want to achieve #goals" Flour Power Cakes@ essexflourpower "My Syns. I love still having my treats and still losing weight.
Die behoefte om grense tussen fiksie en die werklikheid streng af te pen, is eintlik syns insiens 'n redelik onlangse verskynsel wat op 'n lang proses van strukturering, ossifisering en afbakening volg.
* Oldest Half-Open TCB recycling: some implementations allow incoming SYNs to overwrite the oldest half-open TCB entry, once the entire backlog is exhausted.
Jeg syns det ser greit ut, men ble vi ikke enige om a ta presentasjonen av CAB-prosjektet som forord og ikke en del av innledningen?
beter souden verstaen ende beter getuygenisse geven van syns deponents actie.'