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SYNTAXSynergy between Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with Taxus and Cardiac Surgery (cardiovascular medicine)
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Realizing the potential for still more sales, Ackermann commissioned Combe and Rowlandson to continue the storyline after Syntax's death with the adventures of the foundling brought up by his second wife.
Instead of using syntax to organize a sprawling collection of words, he says, gibbons use syntax--putting notes into different patterns--to add complexity to the small number of sounds that they can make.
She adds that syntax in gibbon songs falls short of that in language, which uses words to serve specific functions in sentences as well as to refer to features of the world.
The trajectory his career has followed from generative syntax and semantics to poetics is a wide path, and to truly do it justice in a Festschrift would be a much greater task than we have attempted here.
In each case, the syntax has been designed to feel familiar to users, while delivering lightning fast, more complete, searches, and while running on a wide variety of low-cost platforms."
The observation that search engines produce differing returns for the same search criteria and control syntax Led to the development of metasearch engines, which submit queries to multiple engines and aggregate the results.
Syntax is known for its cost-competitive Olevia LCD TV line, ranging from a $500 20-inch screen model to a $3,699 42-inch screen unit, with the bulk of the line falling below $2,000.
EARLY this year when Syntax started breaking through with their double A-side Bliss and Message, many comments were passed about the similarities to ace 90's band Fluke.
There is only one authorized method to use in solicitations to specify encoding for UID syntax for automatic data capture in order to achieve interoperability in business intelligence.
Francoise Argod-Dutard, using linguistics and adapting its tools, has examined the poetic discourse in Les Regrets, as well as the orthography and syntax in the letters written by Joachim Du Bellay during the first half of the sixteenth century.
Later, as database architecture became better developed, a number of major providers offered the capacity to search across large amounts of information as long as it was stored in their proprietary syntax for expressing structure in data.