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In Dreams is punchy synth pop with the lyrics: "In dreams nothing ever goes wrong.
After she activated it in Berlin, synths, one by one, are becoming sentient all over the world, feeling their limbs and looking out to the sky.
However, this ambitious and thrilling second season really raises the bar, with new synths to meet, Hollywood stars joining the cast and scenes shot in San Francisco, Bolivia and Berlin.
And busy dad Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill), who buys a synth called Anita (Gemma Chan) to help look after his three children when his wife Laura (Katherine Parkinson) is called away for work again.
A Swedish woman was arrested on Thursday for threatening clubbers with a knife after the DJ did not play enough synth for her liking.
The new version comes with a new synth called Analog modeled after legendary monophonic synths of the '70s.
of carnival barker, chatty doorman and creepy-crawling neighbor, Gahan warmly caresses Gore's dark and moody lyrics with a clean, razor-sharp precision, while sputtering synth chords that sound like they are being muffled, suffocated and gasping for breath build to a harrowing and hellish crescendo.
But Synth is new, of uncertain provenance, its long-term side effects unknown.
This synth is not for the faint of heart, it's a little involved.
This disc finds the longtime leader Carolyn Berk joined by percussionist and synth programmer Emily Kingan and fellow synth programmer (and performance artist) Kerby Ferris.
The PX-400R's digital tones range from pianos and strings to wind instrument and synth sounds.
In the early days of PC game development, the single channel of PCM audio was exploited to incorporate speech or other special-effect sounds that the FM synth couldn't produce.