SYNTRANSynchronous Transmission
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INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Syntran PC 5620 (Interpolymer) 80.00 (Styrene /acrylates /ammonium methacrylate copolymer) Phase B Covarine Black WS 9199 Dispersion (Sensien) 20.00 (Carbon black, water, glycerin, xanthan gum and sodium citrate) INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Water up to 100.0 Glycerin 3.0 Phase B Bergamuls ET 1 Natural thickening emulsifier 3.2 (Beta glucan (and) pectin) Bergacare SB (Butyrospermum parkii 1.8 (shea) butter) Apricot oil (Prunus Armeniaca kernel oil) 8.1 Cetyl alcohol (cetyl alcohol) 2.1 Tocopherol mix (Tocopherol (and) beta-sitosterol 0.1 (and) squalene) Jojoba oil (Sirnmondsia chinensis seed oil) 0.6 Corn starch (Zea mays starch) 2.2 Phase C Alcohol denat.
Website: www.intetpolymerecom INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Syntran PC 5620 (Intcrpolymer) (Styrene/acrylates 84.65 methacrylates copolymer) Ammonium hydroxide (28%) 0.35 Phase B Benzoflex 9-88 (Gcnovique) (Dipropylene glycol dibenzoate) 2.40 Dovvanol PnB (Dow) (Propylene glycol n-butyl ether) 4.40 Syntran KL-219CG (Interpolymer) (Ammonium acrylates 1.20 copolymer) Phase C 12-5% aqueous solution of Laponite XLS (Rockwood/ Southern 3.00 Clay) (Sodium magnesium silicate and tetrasodium pyrophosphate) Phase D Solid pigment or pigment dispersion 4.00
Website: INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Syntran PC 5620 94.500 (Interpolymer) (INCI Pending) Phase B Dowanol TPM 2.750 (Dow) (Tripropylene glycol methyl ether) Dowanol DPnP 1.925 (Dow) (Dipropylene glycol n-propyl ether) Syntran 0.825 KL-219CG (Interpolymer) (Ammonium acrylates copolymer)
INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Syntran PC 5620 (Interpolyrner) (INCI pending) 92.250 Phase B Dowanol DPM (Dow) (Dipropylene glycol methyl ether) 2.325 Dowanol PnB (Dow) (Propylene glycol n-butyl ether) 3.333 Butylene glycol (Butylene glycol) 0.930 Syntran KL-219CG (Interpolymer) (Ammonium 1.162 acrylates copolymer) PROCEDURE: Add Syntran PC 5620 to batch tank.
Comments: The Syntran PC 5227 is an acrylate grafted olefin polymer designed specifically to increase the efficacy of UV absorbers and so it permits formulators of sun protection products to reduce the content of the active SPF ingredients.
Syntran EX125-11 (Interpolymer) (Ammonium acrylatescopolymer) 2.24
Modified with quaternary groups, Syntran PC-5330 is an olefin graft polymer designed to be more substantive to the hair and provide excellent color retention.
add Syntran PC 5775 and stir until batch is smooth and homo-
Syntran PC 5775 was exclusively designed for water resistant mascara, eyeliner and color cosmetic formulations.