SYOFSend Your Own Fabric
SYOFSouth Yorkshire Open Forum (UK)
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Tenders are invited for Reconstructing approximately 1,920 SYof asphalt alley surface, including the installation of approximately 633 tons of hot-mixasphalt at (2) locations in the City.
Quantities include: 8,185 SYof HMA Pavement Full Depth, 12 3/4"; 13,098 sq yd of Aggregate Subgrade Improvement, 12 3/4"; 4,744 SY of Pulverization; 6,504 sq yd of Pavement Removal; 4,907 LF of Combination Concrete Curb and Gutter; 2,566 SY of HMA shoulders, 8"; 1 lump sum of Aggregate Column Ground Improvement; 9,261 CY of Earth Excavation; 1,504 LF of Storm Sewer (12", 15", 18"); 35 each of Drainage Structures (MH, Inlets, FES, Junction Vaults); 7,007 CY of Topsoil Excavation and Placement; 9,685 CY of Removal and Disposal of Unsuitable Material; 2,561 CY of Aggregate Subgrade Improvement; 1,157 ton of HMA Paving; roadway lighting, pavement marking, landscaping and other appurtenances necessary to complete the project.