SYRCLESystematic Review Centre for Laboratory Animal Experimentation (Central Animal Laboratory; Radboud University Medical Center; Netherlands)
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However we consider that this bias may have little influence on estimation of the effect if the researchers manage to minimise the other risks of bias included in the SYRCLE RoB tool, especially if the study applies 'Random sequence generation', 'Blinding of outcome assessment' and 'Random outcome assessment' correctly.
Because the studies omitted much of the information it was impossible to judge properly the risk of bias in various domains of the SYRCLE RoB tool, resulting in doubts as to whether the estimation of the effect reported by the studies is overestimated or not.
Los riesgos de sesgos fueron analizados mediante los 10 dominios de la herramienta SYRCLE RoB para estudios en animales.
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Two independent reviewers assessed the risk of bias for the included studies using SYRCLE's RoB tool [10].
Langendam, "SYRCLE's risk of bias tool for animal studies," BMC Medical Research Methodology, vol.
To assess the risk of bias in the included studies, SYRCLE's Risk of Bias (RoB) tool was used; this tool is specifically designed for animal studies (Hooijmans et al.
Briefly, for downgrading confidence based on risk of bias, the results of the SYRCLE RoB tool were considered as well as the results of the sensitivity analyses.
The mean SYRCLE score was 4 (SD: 0.7, range: 3-5) for 5 animal studies.
Articles included SYRCLE's risk of bias tool, scoring criteria (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Bernardes et al.
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