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SYRIZASynaspismos tis Rizospastikis Aristeras (Greek: Coalition of the Radical Left)
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Greek Interior Ministryprojections showed ND with 39.8% of the vote, ahead of Syriza's 31.5%.
New Democracy is forecast to win 38-42% of the vote, while Syriza is projected to win 26.5-31.5%.
Results for the European Parliament vote showed Syriza trailing the opposition New Democracy party by about nine points.
Depending on who tells the story, Syriza's leader, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, was scared off by fear of a military counter-coup; feared the economic consequences of crashing out of the Eurozone; or never really meant all that stuff anyway.
In the 2006 local election, he ran as Syriza's candidate for Mayor of Athens, winning an admirable 10.5%.
"In the very beginning two years ago, a lot of people in Europe and, of course, the political establishment, believed that Syriza was the fear for Europe.
The left-wing Syriza, elected on a promise to resist European-imposed austerity measures agreed to by previous governments, ( took power for the first time.
"We have been notified by other visitors from Turkey that they do not have access to our website,," said the official, adding, "It is an issue that needs research."
"The market had pretty much discounted a Syriza win and there is some profit taking, but prices are attractive," said fund manager Costis Morianos, head of Athens-based Asset Wise Capital Management.
Syriza won just over 35%, slightly down on its previous result and still short of an overall majority.
With a quarter of votes counted, Syriza was set to claim 35.3% of the vote, defeating the conservative party New Democracy with 28.1%, in the nation's fifth election in six years.
Syriza's rival, the conservative New Democracy party, was projected in second place with 28% in yesterday's vote.