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SYSSystem Configuration (File Name Extension)
SYSSee You Soon
SYSSystem File
SYSSun Yat-Sen (founder of Republic of China)
SYSSarasota Youth Sailing (Sarasota, FL)
SYSState Your Source (Internet slang)
SYSStretch-Yawn Syndrome
SYSSouthwest Youth Symphony
SYSSesli Yanýt Sistemleri (Turkish: Voice Response System)
SYSSalford Youth Service (UK)
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The ability for an integrator to use Premise Systems' SYS to supply the end user with a seamless interface for all the subsystems in the home is a definite win."
Anderson Laboratories, Greendale, WI Applied Test Systems Inc, Butler, PA Frank Bacon Machinery Sales Co, Warren, MI Buehler Ltd, Lake Bluf, IL Gene Conreaux & Co, Indianapolis, IN Detroit Testing Machine Co, 9390 Grinnell, Detroit, MI 48213 (313)921-0659 George Fischer Foundry Sys Inc, 407 Hadley St - P O Box 40, Holly, MI 48442 (313)634-8251 Forney Inc, Wam Pum, PA Metlab Corp, Niagara Falls, NY Monsanto Co, St Louis, MO Satec Systems Inc, Grove City, PA Service Physical Testers Div, Port Huron, MI Testing Machines Inc, Amityville, NY Wilson Instruments, 6 Emma St, Binghamton, NY 13905 (607)770-4500
Furukawa, Yazaki, SYS and Leoni received reductions of fines ranging from 20% to 50% for their cooperation.
Let SYS = <T, g, [tau]>, and let [S.sub.0] be a seed configuration such that SYS produces a unique final configuration F on [S.sub.0], [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] the set of all tile position pairs <t, (x, y)> such that t can attach to [S.sub.0] at (x, y), and [S.sub.i] the configuration produced by adding all the elements of [W.sub.i - 1] to [S.sub.i - 1] in one time step, where i = 1, 2, ...
Patients having significant DYS Sep-Lat Sys had shorter E wave deceleration (p=0.003), and isovolumetric relaxation times (p=0.048), and lower TDI peak systolic velocities (p=0.001) than the patients without DYS Sep-Lat Sys.
Mayan Kutty of Malayalam News, Risala Study Circle Chairman Kabir Saqafi, SYS Saudi National Committee President Syed Habeeb Al-Bukhari, SYS Kerala state secretary Majeed Kakkad, Naser Anwari, Muhammad Ali Faizy Waynad and Najeed Kodungalloor also addressed the gathering.
1, 2007, even though the new SYS courses referenced above are now being offered in place of the previous SYS courses.
SYS Technologies has provided engineering, technical, financial and management services to commercial and U.S.
In a traditional way, if you have a drive "Sys" and a "Vol 1," your data is static--it always remains on the same volume.
The server, an Internet gateway that manages and distributes audio and video, makes Home Director the first company to use a new home operating system called SYS, from Premise Systems in Redmond, Wash.
Schueck, the founder of Schueck Steel Co., says he is drafting a letter to arena manager Michael Marion warning that he will take further action if the SYS problems aren't resolved by mid-January.
When we received SYS Technology s invitation to evaluate their 500MHz PC, P3-powered computer, we gladly accepted the offer.