SYSESuministros Y Servicios Electromecanicos (Spanish: Electromechanical Supplies and Services)
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"The differences in survival between unmarried and married people with cancer could possibly be explained by better general health at time of diagnosis or better adherence to treatment regimes and follow ups," said Syse.
Reichberg and Henrik Syse, "Protecting the Natural Environment in Wartime: Ethical Considerations from the Just War Tradition," in Ethics, Nationalism, and Just War: Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives, eds.
"We could not get into our offices on Saturday," said Editor Scarlett Syse of the 17,000-circulation Daily Journal in Franklin, Ind.
In this revision of a doctoral dissertation, Syse argues that a robust natural law theory cannot be constructed successfully except on a "Christian, or at least a religious, basis" (xvi).
"I want the basics;' said Scarlett Syse, editor of the Daily Journal in Franklin, Ind.
Even so, certain reviewers still wanted to believe in the McLuhanesque global community ("all people are connected" 61) for better or worse (Glenna Syse in Sauer 332), as a counterforce to the radio play's Chandleresque conspiracy and Lang's embroilment in it (Spencer in Sauer 333, 336).
His logic does not involve any sense of moral guilt, but only a warning about public shame: "If God with vengeauns set on pe his syse, / Not only pu but all pi kyn is schamyd" (14.318-19).
Under the sub-head "Chicago's favorite theatrical gambler shoots the works at the Goodman," the Chicago SunTimes even photographed the new Goodman leader at a Las Vegas wheel of fortune, provoking then-critic Glenna Syse to quip that the poker-playing Falls was "probably the only customer in Binion's Horseshoe who knew the difference between Ibsen and Chekhov."
Hence, the Conservatives have no policy incentive to introduce the Syse motion.
1, as in Gregory Reichberg, Henrik Syse and Endre Begby, eds., The Ethics of War: Classic and Contemporary Readings (Oxford: Blackwell, 2006), in which a good selection of Aquinas' comments on war are found in ch.
(93) I am grateful to my colleagues Henrick Syse and Endre Begby for helpful comments on earlier versions of this essay.