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SYSOPSystem Operator
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The posting of a faceless silhouette on 1 June 2009 (Figure 2) was a deliberate intervention by the administrator, Sysop Karenkarnakadmin, to direct the flow of the research to examine not the author, but the space that surrounds the author: the space examined by Foucault, bringing the question of whether a face is indicative of identity to the foreground.
According to this policy, a sysop undoing this Office Action
This access provides BBS sysops with some ability to control the content, and since the content has been supplied either by the sysop or a BBS subscriber, BBS sysops typically have the right to remove content.
Sheri Rosen, ABC Assistant Sysop of the IABC/HyperSpace Forum and Communication World columnist:
Additionally, of the three cyberspace players, the BBS operator ("sysop"), the subscriber, and the small circulation newspaper, only the BBS operator (assuming he receives a subscription fee) receives any pecuniary benefit by facilitating the transmission of material to a foreign state.(303)
First comes the executive moderator role of overseeing what may be a large number of system operators (sysops), who moderate the discussion on bulletin boards and chat lines.
For example, while recognizing that some law of the wild reigns, with each individual sysop acting as the Lord Chancellor and High Executioner, some observers have also noted that there are real, operative rules being promulgated all the time in cyberspace communities:
Interestingly, the sysop (system operator) who manages this White House "virtual community" is a deaf and blind woman.
The review process is also not typical; contributions are reviewed exclusively by the journal's editor (who also serves as the sysop for TAXACOM), unless he decides that they need to be sent out for any additional review.
Our high-tech writer acted as the sysop and tried to answer questions from the several thousand registered NCF users.
CompuServe has more than 200 forums, each managed by a system operator (Sysop) who is an expert on how to use the forum, as well as on its subject matter.
Some boards chose to list voice numbers where the coordinator of the BBS, known as the system operator (sysop), can be reached for questions or comments.