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SYSOPSSystem Operations
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create other sysops, though only with the (voting) Wikipedia
Mail server sysops also typically limit the size of each mailbox, making the exchange of large files like pirated software cumbersome since, to avoid filling up the recipient's mailbox, large files must be split into smaller messages and sent over a period of time.
Having been the sysop or administrator of about half a dozen e-mail servers, I can say with some certainty that at least 25% of the people who use these systems never get around to changing the original password assigned to them.
Some objections to imposing common-law liability on service providers simply focus on procedural difficulties: not all bulletin boards, for example, have the capacity to prevent users from uploading offensive material and then to control the content of what is made available to the public.(228) Furthermore, even if a Sysop is aware of bulletin board misuse, it may be impossible to locate its source or to remove all material.(229) But on a more fundamental level, the issue of operator liability also raises the question of whether it is wise or even desirable to place the burden of enforcing cyberspace rules of conduct upon service providers.
The proprietor and operator of a BBS--often called the system operator, or "sysop"--may be a commercial operator, such as America Online, Prodigy or CompuServe.(56) A company might establish an internal BBS, with a sysop from the technical support department.
We believe that future communities will require the editorial "conversation management" skills exercised by sysops to be coupled with new merchandising skills exercised by community merchandisers.
Few cases have been definitive in determining to what extent commercial information providers and sysops must monitor, or are prohibited from monitoring, electronic traffic.
Sysops. As experts on the forum's use as well as its subject matter, system operators answer questions and make their own contributions to a discussion.
This line is a favorite with private BBS sysops nationwide.
Even if sysops do not have to make their corner of cyberspace safe, do they have a responsibility to try to determine the real identity of the virtual person, and kick the virtual person out?
Hawaii OnLine now has an eight-person advisory board made up of information industry professionals, four full-time employees (two sysops) besides the Taylors, and a president, Dr.
The Thomases are the system operators (sysops) of an adults-only sexually oriented BBS in Milpitas, California.