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SYSTRANSystem Analysis Translator
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If you're not willing, someone else will," stated Victor Ramirez, Director of E-Business Solutions at Systran. To learn more how Systran machine translation solutions can streamline your game localization process, be sure to visit their product website.
System High Systran Donner Inertial Techni-Core Engineering Inc.
To learn more about SYSTRAN, I conducted an interview with Craig Stern, the company's software marketing manager for the Americas.
In the third, there would only be Reverso (BLEU of 18.39), and in the bottom quartile, there would be Apertium and Systran, the engines with the lower scores (from 12.15 to 14.19).
In the post-editing experiment, participants identified with odd numbers were systematically assigned to receive Google Translate output for task 1 and Systran output for task 2.
CSLi said that STIC Investments, Korea Investment Partners, Softbank Ventures and Korea Investment & Securities have taken part in the transaction, in connection with which the buyer has adopted the name Systran International.
MT research continued to be supported due to globalization and the extended need for translations and it passed from the research of limited language pairs in the '60s to low-cost translation systems in the 70s, to mainframe technology in the 80s (Systran, Logos).
The EU Court of Justice declared, on 18 April, that the EU General Court did not have jurisdiction to rule in the case pitting the European Commission against Systran, the company specialised in machine translation systems, which is primarily a dispute of a contractual nature (Case 103/11 P).
We partnered with Systran Software Incorporated and with AppTek (now SAIC) to use their machine-translation technology and also incorporated natural language processing (NLP) algorithms within our artificial intelligence environment to analyze terminology and modify the source text to improve translation accuracy (Rychtyckyj 2007).