SYSVShallot Yellow Stripe Virus
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Reacao de cultivares de soja aos virus do amarelo do broto (Soybean yellow shoot virus--SYSV) e do mosaico da soja (Soybean mosaic virus--SMV) e selecao de marcadores SSR para identificacao do alelo de resistencia ao SYSV.Tese Doutorado, Universidade Federal Lavras, Lavras, Brasil.
the Sugarcane mosaic virus (22), the cluster of AgMV and HoMV of genus Rymovirus, the cluster of viruses OYDV and SYSV, and the cluster of potyviruses infecting solanaceous plants: PTV, PVV, WPMV, PVY, PepMoV and PVA.
RFmail, a complete FidoNet implementation which runs on Unix SysV and Xenix, includes gateware to transform between FidoNet message format and that of the uucp/Internet.