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SYXSanya, China (Airport Code)
SYXSmalltalk YX (open source programming language)
SYXSkyway Airlines (ICAO code)
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First place (tie): Denpasar (DPS); Haikou (HAK); Sanya (SYX) Second place: Bangalore (BLR) Third place (tie): Chennai (MAA); Surabaya (SUB)
The clinician must have heightened awareness of the patient's current perception of the disease state, circumstance, and consequence to determine the appropriateness of healthcare vaccine endorsement and patient education materials (Syx, 2008).
Lines Ltd (MOL) will open a new route called "SYX", linking Singapore and Yangon, Myanmar, starting March 17.
Tickers featured: SYX. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
The treble was brought up by Fahy's Tyrur Jean as she won heat syx by seven lengths from Catunda Carol in 28.89sec.
Under this agreement SearchHelp's Sentry at Home parental control software will be pre-loaded on all personal computers and notebooks manufactured and shipped by Systemax Inc (NYSE: SYX), a supplier of branded and private label computer equipment.
Northwest Royale is back home for a show with Syx, Denots and Forrestal's Fall, while Attack Ships on Fire, Western Aerial, Dirt Clod Fight and Station Wag bring on the good ol' rock 'n' roll.
78 the editors follow Crawford in emending a manuscript reading fif (misrepresenting the computus quinquaginta) to syx and syxtig, on the grounds that the number of hours in a year is 8,766 rather than the 8,705 (or 8,750) of the surviving texts.
When Clarence soil was omitted due to differences in clay mineralogy, [R.sup.2] increased to 0.94 and Syx decreased to 2.1 cmol (+) [kg.sup.-1] for the relationship of CEC to percentage clay and percentage organic carbon.
Systemax (SYX) announced a CEO succession plan under which Barry Litwin, a member of the Systemax Board of Directors and currently the CEO of Adorama, will join the company as CEO on January 7, 2019.