SZCSanta Cruz, Costa Rica (Airport code)
SZCState Zionist Council (Australia)
SZCSave Zimbabwe Campaign (peace organization)
SZCSydney Zen Centre (Sydney, Australia)
SZCSchweizerischer Zwerghunde-Club (German: Swiss Miniature Dog Club)
SZCSneker Zeil Club
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In addition to Apple's new laptops, SZC will also gain growth momentum from ultrabooks launched by other PC brand vendors.
Basic criteria for qualification and selection of carbon and low alloy steels with resistance to SSC, SOHIC and SZC.
Gyori Szolgltatsi SZC Baross Gbor Kzgazdasgi s Kt Tantsi Nyelvu Szakkzpiskola
A big company, like SZC, doesn't appreciate how they're affecting little businesses like ours.
Kztkeztetsi szolgltats elltsa a Gyori Muszaki SZC Gbor Lszl ptoipari Szakkpzo Iskola tanuli rszre
The Hungry Hobbit cafe is arguably doing SZC a good turn by publicising its strong local connection with the author of The Hobbit.
The letter continued: "Only those who qualify for a trademark licence may use Hobbit and other marks registered by SZC.