SZEAStandard State Zoning Enabling Act (US Department of Commerce)
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Traditional judicial deference, stemming from Euclid's characterization of zoning as a legislative judgment, is best understood in the context of the SZEA and the early conception of "Euclidean Zoning.
ELLICKSON & BEEN, supra note 36, at 308; see also Mandelker, supra note 34, at 639 (describing decision making under the SZEA as "chaotic," with "no real attempt at a fair process that includes necessary procedural safeguards").
The SZEA provides procedures for reviewing quasi-judicial actions (i.
The standards and procedures ]for this review are often prescribed by state administrative procedure acts, (45) as well as by the SZEA.
resides in state governments, the SZEA advised that local government
Moreover, the SZEA recommended that local zoning decisions be based on
intent of the SZEA and the SCPEA seems clear: if private-property rights