SZISustav Znanstvenih Informacija (Croatian: Scientific Information; government program)
SZISoto Zen International
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saI) CEI ceiba (silk-cotton tree of West Indies), priceite \(a mineral) SAAI saaidam (land for flood water enclosed by earthen walls) SAI Saigon, gosain (a Hindu religious mendicant), bonsai SCI sciatica, disciple, ethnoscience SEI seismic SIE prophesied SSI missile, assize SY anovial, forsythia, prophesy ZEI hintzeite (a borate of potassium and magnesium) CI cipher, precise, fuci CY cycle, oocyte SAE saeva indignatio (savage indignation) SAY sayonara, sayyid SCY scythe, hyoscyamia (a vegetable alkali) SI siphon, Siamese, inside, quasi SSEI gossein (see gosain--SAI) SSY assythment (compensation) SZI kaluszite (hydrous sulphate of calcium and potassium) ZI quartzite (a compact, granular, mainly quartz, rock) long 'O' sound followed by short 's' sound.
In comparing the two programs, Manger said that SZI is devoted to libraries within universities and research institutes, while NISKA is more general.