SZMSattelzugmaschinen (German: Semi-trailer truck)
SZMStereo Zoom Microscope
SZMStructure Zone Model
SZMSport Z Magazine (Bernalillo, NM)
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In this experiment, a series of magnetic solid acid catalysts SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4 (SCFZ), SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-MgO (SZM), SO4 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-TiO2 (SZT) and SO4 /ZrO2-Fe3O4-ZnO (SZZ) were prepared respectively.
So the order of the thermal stability of tetragonal zirconia is SZT, SZM, SZZ,SCFZ.
As a reference point, it will be useful in parts of the analysis to examine the special case of the SZM risk, for which [gamma] = [lambda] and p=0.5.
For the SZM risk, this simplifies to [pi] = X - [square root of [X.sup.2] - [[lambda].sup.2]] or equivalently,
The first introduction of a comprehensive SZM arrived in 1969 from Movchan and Demchishin (1969).
In 1971, Sanders (1971) proposed a SZM based upon Movchan and Demchishin's SZM.