SZOSvetska Zdravstvena Organizacija (Serbian: World Health Organization)
SZOSvetovne Zdravstvene Organizacije (Slovenian: World Health Organization)
SZOSvetova Zdravotnicka Organizacia (Slovak: World Health Organization)
SZOSniper Zone Outlaws (gaming)
SZOSigma Zeta Omega (Newark, DE)
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3&4: XRD Pattern of SZO Thinfilms Spin Coated with Different Heat Treament Temperature and Dopant concentration
Derhalbenn szo bekhen ich woll bedechtigk unnd frey, das keyn urtheil so gering und keyn schriefft in ganczem Bibel so klar sey, oder man bediirff weysger und gothfurchtige menner, die doruber rathschlagen.
"While Magyar Szo is the only Hungarian-language newspaper in Serbia, it is not supposed to defend the interests of one political party, but serve the public," said Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO Secretary General.
Its seriousness, which lies in its utter foreignness, perhaps become more potent if seen in the original Hungarian: Mit jelent nekem a folk szo?
In 1932 he launched a short-lived literary periodical, Valosag, and in 1936 he became one of the cofounders of the review Szep Szo. In his own poetry Jozsef presented intimate pictures of proletarian life.
This week, three dailies will go to the streets and fight for the favors of readers: Esti Szo ("Evening Words"), Koztarsasag ("Republic") and Reggel ("Morning").
5 million to Slovak foundation Pro Media which is considering issuing a new medium for the Hungarian minority, the aSj Szo daily reported.The foundation's administrator is Attila Puskas, who used to work at the press department of the Party of Hungarian Community (SMK).
tetu ment a hajaba 'a louse got into his hair', a ruhamat megette a moly 'my cloth has been eaten by a moth', folyik a szo belole 'lit.
441v: Item Anno bauen vp sunte Anthonius gegheuen tho sunte Oleff 6presters vor belesinghe szo na steyt.
Tanczos, Vilmos, "Csiksomlyo spiritualitasanak nehany osszetevoje", Kereszteny Szo. 22, 1 (2011),
The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) is concerned about political pressure on editors and journalists of Magyar Szo, the only daily in the Hungarian language in Vojvodina, Serbia.