SZOSvetska Zdravstvena Organizacija (Serbian: World Health Organization)
SZOSvetovne Zdravstvene Organizacije (Slovenian: World Health Organization)
SZOSvetova Zdravotnicka Organizacia (Slovak: World Health Organization)
SZOSniper Zone Outlaws (gaming)
SZOSigma Zeta Omega (Newark, DE)
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074), the grain size of the SZO films is smaller than that of ZnO films.
The values of sheet resistance have been measured for the SZO thinfilms fabricated under different coating conditions.
High transmittance of 88 % was observed for the SZO film doped with 0.
1&2: XRD Pattern of SZO Thinfilms Spin Coated with Different Number of Coating Layer and Spin Rate
5 & 6: Transmission & Band gap energy of SZO thinfilms spin coated with number of coating layers
7&8: Transmission spectra & Band gap energy of SZO thinfilms spin coated with spin rates
9&10: Transmission Spectra and Band Gap Energy SZO Thinfilms Deposited at Different Heat Treatment Temperature