SZSStahlbau Zentrum Schweiz (Swiss Institute of Steel Construction)
SZSStudienzentrum für Sehgeschädigte (German: Study Center for Visually Handicapped, Universität Karlsruhe)
SZSSayonara Zetsubou Sensei (anime)
SZSSchweizerische Zeitschrift für Sozialversicherung und Berufliche Vorsorge (Swiss Journal for National Insurance and Professional Provision)
SZSSavezni Zavod za Standardizaciju
SZSSteinZeitSpiel (German)
SZSSchweizerische Zentralstelle für Stahlbau (German: Swiss Center for Steel; Switzerland)
SZSSurface Zonal Search
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The SZS has accused Vucic and his allies of corruption and of stifling media freedom.
In this study, the hardness value of SZs is similar to the hardness of the base material because there is no significant difference between grain size of SZs and grain size of base material (Figure 6(a)).
SUZUKI is giving you more choice and adding several new engines to its fleet of three-door Vitara SZs.
The RDM 70K was demonstrated running a 24-up, 3-inch-diameter PP drink cup, with parts handling and stacking managed by Illig's patented SZS latch-stacking system.
Table 5a Regression Results of Total Liabilities to Total Assets (TLA) Ratio on the Firm-specific Factors TLA; = [alpha]; + [beta]1GRA; + [beta]2GRS;+ [beta]3SZA; + [beta]4SZS; + [beta]5FAR; + [beta]6ROA; + [beta]7ROS; + [beta]8DOL; + [beta]9DIV; Japan (N=505) Variables Coefficient t-stat Constant 0.5662 40.5 GRA: Growth in Assets 0.0445 1.49 GRS: Growth in Sales -0.0276 -1.25 SZA: Total Assets 0.0234 6.22 ** SZS: Net Sales -0.0263 -4.52 ** FAR: Fixed Asset Ratio -0.1001 -5.63 ** ROA: Return on Assets 0.1348 3.01 ** ROS: Return on Sales -0.3945 -10.01 ** DOL: Degree of Operating Leverage -0.0002 -0.15 Div: Dividend Payout Ratio -0.007 -1.31 Adj.
SZS 33 Assoc., L.P., 73 F.3d 1276, 1284-85 (1996) ("[C]ommonlaw indemnity is barred altogether where the party seeking indemnification was itself at fault...."); S.C.
The opposition Alliance for Serbia (SZS), an umbrella of parties from across the political spectrum, accused the attackers of being supporters of Vucic's ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), a claim the authorities denied.
Cilj je bio ispitati incidenciju i znacajke tumora sredisnjega zivcanog sustava (SZS) u bolesnika hospitaliziranih u Klinici za neurologiju Klinickoga bolnickog centra Split u desetogodisnjem razdoblju.