SZTAKISzámítástechnikai és Automatizálási Kutatóintézet (The Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungary)
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MTA SZTAKI also works in caching, mirroring, and replication of digital library and Web services.
As a concrete activity in this field, replicated NCSTRL index services have been installed in three separate regions: Central and Eastern Europe (MTA SZTAKI in Budapest), North America (Cornell), Southern Europe and Middle East (FORTH in Crete).
At MTA SZTAKI, different mirroring and caching techniques are being developed in the context of Web services as well as in digital library architectures [3].
As a vendor-neutral, active Member of W3C, MTA SZTAKI matches the requirements of a W3C Office.
Laszlo Kovacs of SZTAKI serves as the Manager of the W3C Office in Hungary; Eva Megyaszai serves as the Coordinator of the Office.