SZXShenzhen, China - Shenzhen (Airport Code)
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Dimension measurement of each stent was carried out using a light optical microscope (OLYMPUS SZX 12) attached with CCD camera, which was calibrated with 1/100 mm calibration strip (Model OB-MM, Olympus, Japan) before the analysis.
Drawings were prepared with an Olympus drawing tube, mounted on an Olympus SZX 12 and BX51 interference contrast microscope.
Stained root tips were immediately photographed using Kodak 400 (colour slides) film at magnifications of 25-40 x using an Olympus SZX 12 stereomicroscope.
In the past several years, air travel in China has been growing at over 20% and SZX consistently outperforms the national average.
Located in the Pearl River Delta, the most developed area in China; SZX is rich in passenger and cargo resources and advanced in both hardware and software.
In April 2008, SmartPay introduced SZX payment, a solution for virtual goods purchase, and following which SmartPay provided SZX payment for a number of major online gaming companies including Moliyo.
00 per unit with an initial offer size of 1,130,000 units, this equity trades under the ticker symbol SZX and has a maturity date of July 05, 2012.