SZZSlovensky Zvaz Zahradkarov (Slovak: Slovak Association of Gardeners)
SZZSlovensky Zivnostensky Zvaz (Slovak: Slovak Trade Union)
SZZSinnerSchrader AG (stock symbol, Germany)
SZZSzczecin, Poland - Goleniow (Airport Code)
SZZStichting Zwembaden Zaanstad (Dutch: Zaanstad Swimming Pools Foundation; Zaanstad, Netherlands)
SZZSlovensko Zavarovalno Zdruzenje (Slovenian: Slovenian Insurance Association)
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In this experiment, a series of magnetic solid acid catalysts SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4 (SCFZ), SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-MgO (SZM), SO4 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-TiO2 (SZT) and SO4 /ZrO2-Fe3O4-ZnO (SZZ) were prepared respectively.
So the order of the thermal stability of tetragonal zirconia is SZT, SZM, SZZ,SCFZ.
The morphology of SZZ and SZM is diamond and nanorod, respectively.
As shown in Table 2, the conversion of methanol is SZT SZM SZZ SCFZ, which is agreement with the XRD results.
Under similar experimental conditions, the Mg(NO3)*6H2O (25.64 g) was replaced by C16H36O4Ti (34 g) and Zn(CH3COO)2*2H2O (21.95 g) respectively and SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-TiO2 (SZT), SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4-ZnO (SZZ) were synthesized.
In order to compare with the solid acid catalysts (SZM, SZT, SZZ), the solid acid with pure zirconia and magnetic substrates(2.32 g) is prepared in the same method, which is designated as SO 2-/ZrO2-Fe3O4