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SaO2Oxygen Saturation (hemoglobin)
SaO2Saturación Arterial de Oxígeno (Spanish: Arterial Oxygen Saturation)
SaO2Saturation of Oxygen (arterial blood)
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When patients were removed from their medication and only used the nasal spray, the Non-Steroidal Nasal Spray demonstrated a statistically and clinically significant increase in all lung functions including FEV-1, SaO2, PEF, FVC and nitric oxide.
The measured SaO2 varied among intervals and these results were not quite in line with the analysis of other authors (5), especially when it comes to specific groups of patients (1).
Moreover, ESR was still associated with ODI (p = 0.001) and min Sa[O.sub.2] (p = 0.01) and UA with ODI (p = 0.001) and mean (p = 0.042) and min SaO2 (p = 0.005) after adjusting for confounders.
His chest became clear, and his SaO2 on room air on discharge was 99%.
Upon arrival to the operating room, all patients were monitored for basal vital signs (HR, systolic and diastolic BPs, and Sao2).
A oxigenoterapia domiciliar requer indicacoes que incluem pressao parcial de oxigenio no sangue arterial (PaO2) [less than or equal to] 55mmHg ou uma saturacao de oxigenio arterial (SaO2) de 88% ou menor no ar ambiente em repouso, ou com exercicio (4).
General and procedural characteristics of patients Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Age (years) 14 12 27 Weight (kg) 32 37 30 Gender Male Female Male Diagnosis PH PH Fontan operation due to TA, TGA, VSD and HRV NYHA functional III III IV class RF enerji 10 W 10 W 10 W (1 times) (1 times) (2 times) Created defect size 7 mm 6 mm 7 mm Pre-procedural SaO2 99% 98% 89% Post-procedural SaO2 89% 94% 80% PH: pulmonary hypertension, TA: tricuspid atresia, TGA: transposition of great arteries, VSD: ventricular septal defect, HRV: hypoplastic right ventricle.
CPAP application satisfactorily corrected respiratory disorders during both NREM and REM sleep (AHI: 1.9; lowest SaO2: 84%, mean Sa[O.sub.2] during effective CPAP: 94%) (Figure 1).