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SAARASubstance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance
SAARASalem Area Amateur Radio Association
SAARASouth African Air Rifle Association
SAARASan Antonio Area Rehabilitation Association (Texas)
SAARASexual Abuse, Assault, and Rape Awareness
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OTCQB: VPIG) said it has announced a partnership with the up-and-coming singer/songwriter SAARA.
Abu Saara is a 49-year-old living in eastern Jerusalem, and last November 28 he said in a speech before Muslims at the Al-Kabali Mosque "I say to the Jews explicitly, the time has come to slaughter you" - a point he repeated numerous times to thunderous calls of support.
Al-Naimi said: "The establishment of the Saara alliance is a very welcome initiative and will help stimulate continued economic growth in the kingdom.
During a preview of the sale on Thursday, Saara Pritchard, Associate Vice President and Specialist in the Contemporary Art Department at Christie's in New York said "I think it's very evident for anyone who sees this painting that this is a very young and beautiful girl, but also one who is very powerful and that is in particular conveyed by her eyes and her gaze which is completely captivating as you stand before this incredible work.
Saara scoffs at John's suspicions that German spies might try to blow up a bridge in their hometown--not here in Canada
The surnames of Saara Myrene Raappana and Jane Piirto reflect the area's Finnish-American loggers and miners, and their poems reflect on their heritage.
Saara Kuugongelwa, Minister of Finance, Namibia, Hon.
The mission met with Minister of Finance Honorable Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila; Deputy Minister of Finance Honorable Calle Schlettwein; Bank of Namibia Governor Ipumbu Shiimi, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance Ms.
Saara Metso of Tampere (Finland) University Hospital.
Those interested in new Finnish writing have a number of plays to choose from, including Q-teatteri's Broken Heart Story, written and directed by thirtysomething scribe Saara Turunen, which follows a mustachioed female writer in search of love and inspiration.
Saara Taina shares experiences from her own unique and personal journey which includes:
Baloch Spiny tailed Lizard, Saara asmussi (Strauch) and Indian Spiny tailed lizard.