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SABVSabia Virus
SABVSaboya Virus
SABVSouth Australian Business Vision (Australia)
SABVSecondary Air Bypass Valve
SABVSuper Appending Batch Virus (computer virus)
SABVSan Antonio Boys Village (San Antonio, FL)
SABVSatanic Brain Virus (computer virus)
SABVSchweizer Ärztebesucher Verband
SABVSabo Virus
SABVStichting Arbeidszaken Betaald Voetbal
SABVSabicea Villosa
SABVSchweiz Amateur-Basketball-Verband
SABVSuid-Afrikaanse Biblioteekvereniging
SABVSemi-Air Buoyant Vehicle
SABVSuid-Afrikaanse Bybel Vereniging
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Notably, medical care has been safely rendered by using conventional barrier precautions alone to persons infected with VHF viruses, including Ebola virus (5,18), Marburg virus (19,20), Lassa fever virus (27), Machupo virus (11), Sabia virus (28), and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (21).
On August 20, 1994, the Connecticut Department of Public Health and Addiction Services received a report of a case of acute illness in a virologist suspected to be associated with Sabia virus, a newly described arenavirus.
A laboratory-acquired case of Sabia virus provides an example of how a patient infected with a BSL-4 agent might be managed safely in a community hospital but also provides cause for caution and heightened vigilance, especially among facilities that might receive patients referred from containment laboratories (23).