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SBNServizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (Italian: National Library Service)
SBNSurface Bullnose
SBNSatellite Broadcast Network
SBNSociedade Brasileira de Nefrologia (Portuguese: Brazilian Society of Nephrology)
SBNSpring Break Nationals (trade show)
SBNSuperior Business Network (Costa Mesa, CA; est. 2002)
SBNStandard Book Number (now ISBN)
SBNStrontium Barium Niobate
SBNSociety for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
SBNSchool Board News (various schools)
SBNStop Bullying Now
SBNSalt Bath Nitriding (heat treating process)
SBNSociedade Brasileira de Neurocirurgia (Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery)
SBNSite Builder Network
SBNStrong Base Number (petroleum and lubricant industry)
SBNSouth Bend, IN, USA - Michiana Regional Airport (Airport Code)
SBNSouthern Blue Nile (Sudan)
SBNStudent Broadcast Network
SBNSchout-Bij-Nacht (Dutch)
SBNSpecial Billing Number
SBNState Bar Number (attorney)
SBNSa Bum Nim
SBNSuzhou Bordnetze Electrical Systems Ltd. (China)
SBNSingle Bullnose (tiles & building materials)
SBNSabinian (linguistics)
SBNSportBikers Network
SBNShip Building Navy
SBNStatic Bayesian Network (information processing)
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As for the observation that Machiavel hath, that the jealousy of sects, doth much extinguish the memory of things; traducing Gregory the Great, that he did what in him lay, to extinguish all heathen antiquities; I do not find that those zeals do any great effects, nor last long; as it appeared in the succession of Sabinian, who did revive the former antiquities.
She wore the gown designed by Rich Sabinian as her national costume for a photo exhibit, which opened Wednesday at the Gateway Mall.
Headed by DCP president Johnny Abad together with Renee Salud, the participants were Fanny Serrano, Edwin Uy, Rem Divino, Dave Ocampo, Joyce Pilarsky, Blas Aligno, Jontie Martinez, Nikky Martinez, Ivan dela Cruz, Julius Omum, Edgar Madamba, Steve de Leon, Richie Bondoc, Gener Gozum, Francis Calaquian, Marjorie Lee Gumabay, Pencil Diestra, Rico Escaro, Lou Vella, Armand Marco, Edgar San Diego, Rich Sabinian, Ronaldo Arnaldo, Lito Perez, Ranel Espaldon, Ole Morabe, Rholand Roxas, Jun Lee, Rian Fernandez, Edel Santiago, Sonny Boy Mindo, Rocky Gathercole, Karen Castro, Nholie Pilapil, Rey Lazaro, Glen Lopez, Paolo Blanco, Rafael Louis Gonzales, Richard Papa, Vince Sityar, Vivo Nazareth and Bernard Escalona.
On the one hand, the Sabinians established it on an individual basis, after bodily examination, in relation to the physical development of the young, and, on the other hand, the Proculians established it at the age of 14.