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SABTASouth African Black Taxi Association (South Africa)
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"Monnaie Marocaine Frappee a Sabta au 12-13th siecle" before Spain took the port in 1580.
Summary: Tetouan - Police and Customs services at the Bab Sabta border station (northern Morocco) arrested, on Friday, a Spanish national in possession of 11.5 kg of cannabis resin, a security source reported.
The brief note in Ibn Abi Zar's Rawd al-qirtas that mentions the partial rebuilding of Tangier and Ceuta (Sabta) in 349 AH/960 CE must be treated with caution, although the wording suggests that historical tradition, as viewed through the early fourteenth century eyes of Ibn Abi Zar', regarded Tangier as having been a defensible stronghold in the middle of the tenth century.