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The sacbe does have heavy footprints leading towards the south, indicating a hurried exit.
Currently, the Playa Del Carmen hotel, Villas Sacbe, has earned an 82% satisfaction rating from TripAdvisor.
CU-Boulder Professor Payson Sheets said that in Yucatan Maya, the word "sacbe" literally means "white way" or "white road" and is used to describe elevated ancient roads typically lined with stone and paved with white lime plaster and that sometimes connected temples, plazas and towns.
Archaeologists found a limestone cylinder weighing five tons along the Yaxuna sacbe. They identified it as an ancient road roller.
The ruins consist of six groups of buildings that were once connected by sacbes, or white roads constructed of limestone.
He went to the United States for a few years in the 1980s, where he released his American debut "Street Corner" with his jazz landmark band Sacbe, featuring saxophonist Jon Crosse.