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SACCAScottish Advisory Committee on Credit and Access (UK)
SACCASouth Australian Crohns & Colitis Association, Inc.
SACCASecret Anti-Castro Cuban Army
SACCAStrategic Air Command Communications Area
SACCAScottish Association of Careers Counselors and Advisors
SACCASouthern Arizona Child Care Association
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Cerco di estrarre le armi e le minizioni, ma la sacca che le conteneva era coperta dalla confusione di carte, nonnoli, oggetti che le stavano sopra.
Fitzpatrick as Sacca Management's registered agent.
Peer-delivered instruction refers to an alternative teaching arrangement in which students serve as instructional agents for their classmates (Maheady, 1990; Maheady, Sacca, & Harper, 1987; Maheady et al., 1988).
Many of the early as well as current matching solutions employ handcrafted rules to match schemas (Milo and Zohar 1998; Palopoli, Sacca, and Ursino 1998; Castano and Antonellis 1999; Mitra, Wiederhold, and Jannink 1999; Madhavan, Bernstein, and Rahm 2001; Melnik, Molina-Garcia, and Rahm 2002).
While much research has been done on the effects of peer tutoring in a variety of instructional settings (King-Sears & Bradley, 1995; Maheady, Sacca, & Harper, 1988; Mathes, Fuchs, Fuchs, Henley, & Sanders, 1994; Topping, 1989), little has been uncovered on the effects tutoring relationships can have on leadership development in gifted and talented students.
And Jerome Sacca Kina Guezere (Benin), fourth vice president.
Sacca Care Ltd has submitted a planning application to North Warwickshire Borough Council for permission to change the use of the house in Grove Road into a home for up to five children.
Peens; Mazzucato, Stoica, Barbini, Sacca; Mazzariol, Troncon; Lo Cicero, Ongaro, Castrogiovanni, Bezzi, Giacheri, de Rossi, Bergamasco and Parisse.
Backs: M Dallan, D Dallan, Mauro Bergamasco, A Troncon, N Mazzucato (all Treviso), R De Marigny, G Peens (both Overmach Parma), M Barbini, Mirko Bergamasco (both Padova), V Zullo, G Raineri, T Vodo (all Calvisano), D Sacca (GRAN Parma), C Stoica (Castres), M Mazzantini (Rovigo), R Pez (Leicester), A Masi (L'Aquila), A Canale (Marchiol Silea), J-M Queirolo (Dax) Forwards: S Palmer, S Parisse, S Dellape, F Ungaro, R Martinez, C Checchinato (all Treviso), M Zaffiri, M Gennari (both Overmach Parma), M Bortolami (Padova), A De Rossi, S Perugini, L Castrogiovanni (all Calvisano), A Benatti, A Persico, C Bezzi, M Phillips (all Viadana), C Festuccia (GRAN Parma), G Arganese (Castres), A Pavanello (Rovigo), M Giacheri (Rotherham), A Lo Cicero (Lazio) # BACK IN THE FOLD Mauro Bergamasco.
Tries from Diego Sacca and Massimo Ravazzolo were the only highlights of the performance for Italy, who may still have been affected by jetlag after arriving on Thursday and then having to play in what would have been nighttime in I t a
* mildly disabled and nondisabled elementary students learning social studies content (Maheady, Sacca, & Harper, 1988),
``RAI are not prepared to bleed to salvage some clubs that have debts,'' said RAI general director Agostino Sacca.