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He could not understand her sad face or the tears that rolled silently down her cheeks from time to time; for Hannah had always represented her aunt Miranda as an irascible, parsimonious old woman, who would be no loss to the world whenever she should elect to disappear from it.
The bridegroom did not keep us waiting long,--I noticed that he had a rather delicate sad face,--and presently the service began.
Nastasya Ivanovna the buffoon sat with a sad face at the window with two old ladies.
One look at Blanche's sad face and Blanche's altered manner decided him.
Rachel Lynde -- Herb Spencer's sad face, the uncontrolled, hysteric grief of one of Ruby's sisters -- but Anne would not talk of these things.
Louisa's sad face brightened; Louisa's faint heart beat quick.
The outlaw had scarce passed out of sight upon the road to Derby ere the girl, who still stood in an embrasure of the south tower, gazing with strangely drawn, sad face up the road which had swallowed him, saw a body of soldiers galloping rapidly toward Tany from the south.
But she had been solitary only a little while in the old sitting-room that looked on the river, when there came a tap at the door, and turning round her sad face as she said "Come in," she saw Bob enter, with the baby in his arms and Mumps at his heels.
The count's sad face was illumined by a faint smile, as he noticed the portfolio which the receiver-general held in his hand.
There was something in the purity and refinement of that sad face that seemed to enrage him.
For a moment he was tempted by despair to give up; but recalling the quiet, sad face of the heroic girl, he felt profoundly ashamed of his weakness.
"Stay, Georgy," said his mother with a very sad face. The boy stopped, kicked about the room, jumped up and down from the window-seat with his knees, and showed every symptom of uneasiness and curiosity.