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SADAMSociedad Argentina de Auditoría Médica (Spanish: Argentinian Society of Medical Audit)
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At the time, Sadam Suliman, a 400m runner, told the Gazette he was "nervous" but looking forward to the Olympics.
Tallinna Sadam Council Chairman Neinar Seli said that the company achieved positive results mainly due to more effective internal workings and cutting of costs.
The kudos of being part of that select group has boosted Sham, Nabeel and Sadam's confidence.
Sadam Iqbal, Zahid Younis and Ansar Mehmood, all aged 22, have just graduated from Staffordshire University, where they won degrees in software engineering from the university's centre of excellence in mobile communications technology.
The virus has been circulated in an e-mail attachment titled 'BINLADEN_BRASIL.EXE' with subject lines such as 'Bin Laden toilette paper!!', 'Sadam Hussein & BinLaden IN LOVE' or 'Is Osama Bin Laden BAD-LOVED?'.
ANDREW COCKBURN'S most recent book is Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Sadam Hussein.
Estonian port operator Tallinna Sadam came second with 129,376 of its shares traded in 46 deals worth EUR 252,366.
KUMB -- A few unidentified armed men entered the homes of Rashid Shar, Sadam Shar and Sikandar Solangi in three different villages including Qaim Khan Solangi, Mir Muhammad Shar and Qaim Ali Shar on early Tuesday morning.