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SHDStructural Heart Disease (cardiology)
SHDSustainable Human Development
SHDSecond Hand Dealer
SHDShell Document
SHDSystem Hang Detection
SHDSerial Highway Driver
SHDShift Decimal
SHDService Historique de la Défense (French: Service History of Defense; French military archive center)
SHDSociété Henry Dunant (French: Henry Dunant Society; Switzerland)
SHDSociety, Health and Development
SHDSmart Handheld Devices
SHDSociété du Haut Débit (French: Broadband Corporation)
SHDStorage, Handling, Distribution (UK materials handling magazine.)
SHDSedative-Hypnotic Drug
SHDStaunton, VA, USA - Shenandoah Valley Regional (Airport Code)
SHDSmall Heavy Duty
SHDShip Hull Design
SHDSims Hot Date (game)
SHDSpecial Handling Designators
SHDSpecial Handling Detachment
SHDSadie Hawkins Dance
SHDSuper High Definition Display
SHDScout Helicopter Division
SHDSingle-Hop Delay
SHDSupersonic High Diver
SHDSaint Hubert Développement (French: Saint Hubert Development)
SHDShop Drawing
SHDSadie Hawkins Day
SHDSingle Hip Disarticulation
SHDSuction Hopper Dredger
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New music from up and coming bands including Karmen Vega, New Breed, Tokyo and Sadie Hawkins Dance.
This cheery cherry wristlet started out as gum wrappers, but now it wraps up your Sadie Hawkins Dance outfit perfectly.
HE MADE THE CALL Just before our Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls are supposed to ask the guys, this boy came to my house.