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Straights and gays increasingly engaged in oral and anal sex, nipple play, fetish displays, sex toys, and sado-masochism.
IT IS a sex play dealing with bondage, domination and sado-masochism.
Some sex toys that the authorities felt could cause injuries or promote sado-masochism were banned, one of the exhibitors said.
While Watts' vision of Sicilia centered around the sado-masochism of Leontes, convincingly played by bd rogers, the implied tragic determinism was occasionally offset and defused by subtle humorous and comedic resonances in the action and costuming.
Hence the recurring references to such themes in various of these essays are hardly revelatory and certainly not new (the same goes for the recurring references to perversion and sado-masochism in Bunuel's films).
Once the documentary turns its full attention to the Catholic church, Thomas argues, as many have done, that Catholic enforcement of celibacy for its clergy, monks and nuns excludes women from power structures in the church and is a direct cause of the sex abuse crisis--linking the crisis to ties between celibacy, religious ecstasy and sado-masochism.
But when he engages productively with previous critics to carry a debate forward, the result is often illuminating, as when he develops recent post-colonial readings of In der Strafkolonie to bring out the sado-masochism present both in the colonial relationship and in Kafka's story.
Ditto Roman Polanski's Bitter Moon--yet another film about sado-masochism.
Sade participated in his lachrymal moments when indulging in lively bouts of sado-masochism.
How else can one interpret the self-destructive political sado-masochism that has rendered most of the Israeli "peace camp" both voiceless and powerless, with the exception of Shimon Peres, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, and their ilk, whose cooptation by the extremist camp has rendered them hypocritically vociferous and militarily brutal?
It's a complex exploration into the darker side of human sexuality - the world of sado-masochism as it exists for a piano teacher Erika Kohut brilliantly played by Huppert.
Freud's opening salvo on the gendered meanings of sado-masochism laid the groundwork for several later influential papers, including, among others, "Instincts and Their Vicissitudes," "A Child is Being Beaten," and "The Economic Problem in Masochism," not to mention perhaps his most provocative and controversial monograph, Beyond the Pleasure Principle.