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SAFOPSafe Operations (Analysis)
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Safe operations work best when: There is an active group of safety reps and workers who are looking out for themselves and others; Where the Safety Committees function well, recording people's concerns, actioning issues and feeding back results; Where people follow procedures and have no concerns about stop-the-job authority.
During this period, top management at NYK reconfirms the importance of safe operations with all NYK employees.
Hydro's main priority is to continue to ensure safe operations and limit operational and financial impact.
Its continuous safe operations are a testament to our promise of keeping safety Byco's top priority.'
This is because we firmly believe that having safe operations and implementing world-class best practices will attract businesses and will considerably improve the economy, thereby benefiting the community.'
As a part of the training, the trainees were also introduced the process of road and bridge constructional project and safe operations at constructional site by Washington State Department of Transportation.
With the theme of 'Leading New ICT for Higher Safety and Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry', this summit attracted more than 200 customers, partners, and senior experts from the oil and gas industry, who gathered to discuss how to reduce costs, ensure safe operations, achieve sustainable development, and boost the oil and gas industry's transition to smart operations.
"The steps we are taking today will allow PenAir to emerge as a stronger airline while continuing our focus on safe operations," said PenAir CEO and Chairman Danny Seybert.
With temperatures in the Emirates expected to rise above 50[degrees]C in the near future, the UAE-headquartered liquid logistics company has devised a scheme to promote safe operations in the scorching heat.
The Company also achieved 13.7 million manhours of safe operations without lost work injury.
The midstream and downstream segments will complete ongoing projects and required maintenance, ensuring reliable, efficient and safe operations.
His astute attention to detail was realized when he immediately identified and corrected 11 hazards, guaranteeing the safe operations across two bases and protecting 4,220 US and Coalition personnel.
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