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SAFSTORSafe Storage (nuclear plant in retirement)
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The Results: Safe storage was reported in 33% of the households with young children, 12% in households with older children, and 29% of households with children in both age groups.
The Parties have expressed their interest to cooperate in the field of handling liquid and solid radioactive waste from operating and decommissioned nuclear facilities, which may include sorting, characterization, segmentation, conditioning and safe storage.
FDA and other federal agencies recommend following instructions on medication labels and talking to health care professionals about safe storage and disposal of medicines.
Slideboot was developed to eliminate the need for gun rugs or traditional plastic boxes when transporting handguns to the range, in the vehicle or while in safe storage.
SAFE storage of insulin and syringes can help maintain the integrity of medication and reduce the risk of injury.
has taken another step in ensuring safe storage options for clients' reproductive specimens.
Besides, natural conditions exacerbate the problem, such as intensive erosion, seismic activity, landslides complicate safe storage of hazardous waste.
The main milesones in this process are: the EU mercury strategy - COM(2005)0020 - Regulation EC 1102/2008 of the Council and EP on the banning of exports of metallic mercury and certain mercury compounds and mixtures and the safe storage of metallic mercury, the Commission recommendation on the safe storage of metallic mercury no longer used in the chlor-alkali industry - C(2008)8422 - and Council Directive 2011/97/EU amending Directive 1999/31/EC as regards specific criteria for the storage of metallic mercury considered as waste.
The Palletank[R] is a stainless steel container designed for the safe storage of biopharmaceutical fluids contained in Flexel[R] 3D bags.
The scientists reported using such sites would be an alternative to underground storage, saying that the difficulty is to find a geologically safe storage area, due to the country's history of seismic activity.
The Interior Ministry assures everyone that all needed measures for safe storage have been undertaken and the transport had not endangered in any way the city's residents.
The Barrett gun safe storage system can also store up to three of the Barrett premier 82A1 .