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SSTFSocial Security Trust Fund
SSTFShortest Seek Time First
SSTFSubject Summary Tape File (US Census Bureau)
SSTFSafe Streets Task Force
SSTFSpace Station Training Facility
SSTFStatistically Significant Two-Fold (genes)
SSTFSunday School Teachers Fellowship (India)
SSTFStarfleet Special Task Force (computer game)
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The Safe Streets Task Force concept made this cooperation possible.
The Garret Mountain Violent Crimes/Fugitive Safe Streets Task Force (GMTF) in Northern New Jersey exemplifies the effectiveness of SSTF operations.
The development of a Safe Streets task force should include the expertise and jurisdiction of appropriate Federal agencies in addition to the FBI.
Today's Safe Streets task forces (SSTFs) were modeled on the six successful prototype task forces that have operated in select FBI field offices since 1989.
A significant share of these totals are directly attributable to the work of the Safe Streets task forces.
Training is an essential element for any operation, and in this regard, the Safe Streets task forces are no different.
The FBI contributes the majority of logistical support for the Safe Streets task forces.