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SFBBSafer Food Better Business (UK Food Standards Agency)
SFBBSan Francisco Bay Brand (San Francisco, CA)
SFBBSan Francisco Bicycle Ballet (San Francisco, CA)
SFBBSouth Florida Blood Banks, Inc.
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This is very general, but the Safer Food Better Business plans created by FSA, which establishments are required to have and use, states in its hand washing portion:
This can be prepared by the establishment/company, or the FSA has prepared a resource for establishments called Safer Food Better Business (Food Standards Agency, n.
After the hearing Ffion Wyn Hewson, Gwynedd Council Public Protection Manager, said: "This particular business has been given all possible assistance by the Council's Public Protection service including a workshop specifically relating to the implementation of Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) as well as a number of advisory visits.
The Safer Food Better Business programme takes in all stages of food preparation, cleaning, cooking, chilling and cross contamination.
Called the Safer Food Better Business Scheme, it will provide a three-hour training session at the University, followed by two visits to the caterer's individual premises.
Aston University has had a long standing partnership in food safety with Birmingham City Council and is very much looking forward to working with them to implement Safer Food Better Business across the region," he said.
Kirklees Council's environmental services has put together an information pack, Safer Food Better Business, to help catering firms.
The course, known as Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) was staged at a Caernarfon hotel.
During the workshop, participants will be given a free pack, in English and Chinese, called Safer Food Better Business.