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SAFEREPSafety Investigation Report
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Many Safety Investigation Report (SIR) recommendations are directed at agencies such as NAVAIR or model managers, requesting changes or improvements to publications, tools, equipment or training systems.
'The Cabinet, in its meeting on July 11 with the investigation team, was briefed and has taken note of the findings of the Report,' he said in a statement following the release of ICAO's MH370 Safety Investigation Report earlier.
A MAC SIR (safety investigation report) is too late to be reading about a known hazard.
In the Safety Investigation Report released by ICAO today, the report stated the investigation was unable to identify any plausible aircraft or systems failure mode without examining the aircraft wreckage and recorded flight data information that would lead to the deactivation of observed systems, diversion from the filed flight plan route, and the subsequent flight path taken by Flight MH370.
* Avoid the temptation to cut and paste addressees from the mishap data report (MDR) to the safety investigation report (SIR)--the recipients are different.