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SPDSSports Direct Shift
SPDSStandard Page Description
SPDSSafety Parameter Display System (US NRC)
SPDSScalable Performance Data Server (SAS)
SPDSStandby Power Distribution System
SPDSSymposium on Principles of Database Systems (Association for Computing Machinery)
SPDSSpace Physics Data System
SPDSSeller's Property Disclosure Statement
SPDSSharepoint Deployment Planning Services (Microsoft)
SPDSSubstances and Point and Diffuse Sources
SPDSWorking Group on Substances and Point and Diffuse Sources (OSPAR Commission)
SPDSShuttle/Stabilized Payload Deployment System
SPDSSmall Parcel Delivery System
SPDSSudden Peasant Death Syndrome (Walraven MUD)
SPDSShip Project Directive System
SPDSSuggestion Program Data System
SPDSSoftware Process Database System
SPDSStaggered PRF During Search
SPDSSignal and Power Delivery Systems, Inc. (Campbell, CA)
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Early safety parameter display systems (circa 1982) used the value of physical variables to calculate this parameter, which was then displayed.
An evaluation of nuclear power plant safety parameter display systems.
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