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SAFFIREStrategic Alliance for Freshwater Information, Resources and Education (database)
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Leveraging the code base from GoAhead's flagship product, SelfReliant, proven in more than 35,000 deployments worldwide, SAFfire features sophisticated availability and management capabilities, such as systems management, availability management, platform resource management, application services, foundation services and a small, cross-platform kernel.
After the experiment was ignited, the Cygnus continued to orbit Earth for six days as it transmitted high-resolution imagery and data from the Saffire experiment.
The combination of the Promentum ATCA platform and SAFfire middleware enables them to do this in a standards-based way, with best-of-breed solutions at each layer," Despain says.
The first of our planned three Saffire experiments operated as designed which is a great credit to all the people at NASA who played a role in its development, said Gary A.
Here Continuous Computing and GoAhead Software will demonstrate the fully-integrated FlexTCA System featuring Trillium fault-tolerant protocols with GoAhead SAFfire middleware and the Unified Management Interface on a 10GbE packet processing platform.
By extending GoAhead SAFfire, the leading AIS solution on the market, our FlexTCA System offers not only a best-in-class, application-ready ATCA hardware platform, but also an open standards-based implementation of Trillium([R]) System Software, including the Unified Management Interface and Trillium fault-tolerant protocol software.
SAFfire features the market's most comprehensive implementation of the Service Availability Forum (SA Forum) Application Interface Specification (AIS).
GoAhead Software exhibits at the ATCA Summit in Santa Clara, October 16-18 (booth #207), where the company demonstrates a highly available softswitch as well as GoAhead SAFfire, the first ready-to-deploy implementation of the Service Availability Forum's Application Interface Specification (AIS).
Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan, directed by Linda Saffire and Adam Schlesinger
Saffire, a 25 year commercial banking veteran, has joined the Company and will be appointed Chief Investment Officer (CIO).
Saffire Song has to have a little squeak in the Learn English At isehove.
Voice samples were recorded in a sound-treated booth, with a speaker-to-microphone distance of 15 cm, using an omnidirectional condenser microphone (Samson MM01) connected to an audio interphase (Focusrite Saffire 6 USB).